Don Winton Designed Limited Edition of 250 Jars.

2002 Portland Cookie Jar Show.

Beaver Cookie Jar

First ACJA Cookie Jar

The First ACJA Cookie Jar!

We are happy to present the first jar from the American Cookie Jar Club. For this first jar, we decided to celebrate our meeting in Portland, Oregon with the Beaver holding a rose, for the City of Roses.

It was an interesting concept doing a Beaver jar, after all a Beaver is just a rodent and how could it be made attractive? If anyone could make a "cute" Beaver, we knew it would be Don Winton, so Barbara Crews made a quick call to the Wintons and two weeks later -- a sketch of a whimsical Beaver appeared.

The design is from this Don Winton sketch and is sculpted by Rachel Elizondo of Storyteller Arts.  Produced by Storyteller

The jar is approximately 12.5" tall and, with the flat tail, about 11" deep.


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